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Course 1 – Introduction to Islam

Number of lessons: 12

Dr. Muhammad Salah Dr. Muhammad Salah
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Course 2 – Your Faith

Number of lessons: 22

Sh. Ibrahim Zidan Sh. Ibrahim Zidan
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Course 3 – Your Purification

Number of lessons: 7

Dr. Sajid Umar Dr. Sajid Umar
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Course 4 – Your Prayer

Number of lessons: 15

Dr. Sajid Umar Dr. Sajid Umar
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Course 5 – Your Fasting

Number of lessons: 6

Sh. Assim Al-Hakeem Sh. Assim Al-Hakeem
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Course 6 – Your Zakaat

Number of lessons: 3

Dr. Sajid Umar Dr. Sajid Umar
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