About Us

About Us

Sabeeli Academy is an Islamic e-learning digital generic platform founded to educate new Muslims, non-Arabic speaking Muslims and all Muslims who seek online reliable Islamic knowledge- and those represent a very large segment of Muslims worldwide, adopting the best, up-to-date educational curricula and motivating instructional means and media used for interactive education.
Operated by an integrated team of skilled and talented da`iyahs and teachers who have been trained to use digital online teaching technologies, supervised by a team of specialized technical staff of app developers, digital platform managers, Sabeeli e-platform provides its services introducing moderate Islamic curriculum, which is designed, graded and sequenced according to the age and level of learners, in different international languages.
The E-Da`wah Committee (EDC) has begun offering its online learning and training services since 2012 through its various sites, apps and social networks. Since 2020, particularly after the launch of “Chatonfaith.com” website through which more than 7 thousand people have converted to Islam, the EDC has become a unique and ground-breaking Islamic e-learning platform. Such great number of new converts formed the first nucleus of an exceptional e-learning experience with some 9 thousand graduates.
Therefore, Sabeeli Academy has been founded to educate new Muslims, non-Arabic speaking Muslims and all Muslims about Islam in different international languages, embracing the latest educational approaches and technological tools.

Project Objectives:

  • Use of modern technology in Islamic distance/online education, serving Islam and Muslims around the world.
  • Present the true image of Islam and its authentic message based on the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet and away from doctrinal disagreements.
  • Facilitate Islamic education for target groups and enrich their learning experience with digital technology.
  • Use this e-learning platform as a means of giving dawah/calling to Allah (the Exalted).
  • Increase the authentic Islamic audio-visual content on the internet in different languages.
  • Convey the moderate message of Islam and its human and moral values and principles.
  • Make Islamic knowledge accessible to a great number of people of different faiths and different languages.
  • Build a diverse Islamic visual content and utilize different learning styles for different types of learners.
  • Offer continuing education and support to new converts, what helps them get connected to the faith.
  • Educate and support Muslim youth and young adults around the world who are seeking to learn about Islam, bringing them together under the realm of Islam.
  • Preserve and promote the Islamic values and morals through the e-learning environment.

Target Learners:

  • New Muslims
  • Non-Arabic speaking Muslims
  • All Muslims who seek to learn the fundamentals of Islam
  • Muslim youth and young adults from countries all over the world

Intended Results:

  • Promote distance learning during COVID-19, and therefore help reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Present moderate Islam reflected in a reliable, balanced and moderate Islamic education, devoid of any bias or extremism.
  • Make Islamic education affordable in different 17 languages for new Muslims and Muslims worldwide.
  • Build a specialized leading e-learning Kuwait-based platform led by an experienced team, providing new Muslims and all Muslims around the world with a quality educational experience.