Course 15 – The Messenger of Allah

Course 15 – The Messenger of Allah

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The course introduces us to the Prophet's noble character, his humble life, his conduct with his family at home, his conduct with his companions and people outside the home and throughout the society. We learn how he strove to fulfill the momentous task assigned to him by God, and we are then invited to contemplate how he dealt with his enemies and the exceptional compassion he showed to all. We learn about his simple, but highly effective, method of advocating his message, based on wisdom and gentle admonition. We will also learn how keen he was to ensure that justice and security should be enjoyed by all people. In short, we come to realize that the Prophet's life was a practical reflection of what God said about him in the Quran, "We have sent you as a manifestation of Our grace to the Universe." (21:107)



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