General FAQ



Sabeeli Academy is an Islamic e-learning digital platform founded to educate new Muslims, non-Arabic speaking Muslims and all Muslims who seek online reliable Islamic knowledge, adopting the best, up-to-date educational curricula and motivating instructional means and media used for interactive education.

The academy is operated by an integrated team of skilled and talented da`iyahs and teachers who have been trained to use digital online teaching technologies, supervised by a team of specialized technical staff of app developers, digital platform managers, Sabeeli e-platform provides its services introducing moderate Islamic curriculum, which is designed, graded and sequenced according to the age and level of learners, in different international languages.

You can begin once you register. Register now and start your learning journey. After completing all the courses, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Academy which is approved by College of Sharia & Islamic Studies, Kuwait University.

All the courses and certificates are for free.

Both Muslims and new Muslims who want to study Islam can apply for and enroll in our program. However, the program is suitable for learners who are at least 14 years old.

Yes, the certificate is accredited by College of Sharia & Islamic Studies, Kuwait University and Al-Najat Charity.

The number of courses in this program is 15 consecutive courses.

You can register and study in the program in the language you prefer. The languages currently available are eight languages, which are English, French, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, and Tamil.

The study program must be completed within a period not exceeding five months, otherwise the sub****ion will be suspended and you will have to enroll in again.

Videos are often five to ten minutes long.

Certainly! You can study as many lessons as you can.

No, it doesn’t. Our platform features short, highly produced videos, audios as well as pdf material. You can watch or listen and read the lessons whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Yes, you can ask questions by contacting us through our official pages on social media.

You can use your computer, tablet or mobile phone if they are connected to the Internet and you can enjoy all the features.

Sabeeli Academy follows and teaches the Sunni Islamic creed.

You’d better watch the video and read the downloadable material thoroughly to be able to pass the quizzes and final tests.

Yes, you could revise your lessons and try again.

You can contact us through e-mail, WhatsApp, or the Academy’s accounts on social media, and you will be answered by the instructor.

No, but it is recommended to follow all the academy’s pages on social media which you will find at the top of the site. We encourage learners to like, share and follow our pages because these are acts of goodness and one of the modern ways of calling people to Islam and spreading Islamic knowledge.

No, you must complete the courses consecutively. Once you pass a test with a score of 65% or more, you will move on to the next course directly.

No, as it is an online program, you can study whenever you want to from anywhere around the world.

A copy of your certificate will automatically be sent to “my certificates” on your personal page on the completion of the program.

We understand that you may go through a rough time or you may get busy sometimes. So, if you stop for any reason, you can continue from your last lesson till you complete the program.

The passing grade for a small quiz is 100% because it consists of only two questions. The passing grade for the final test is 65%. However, you do not have to worry because you can retake the test.

There are no conditions. If you are a Muslim or a new Muslim who wants to learn the basic principles of Islam, then this academy is for you.